Disabling audio iLok plug-in’s

I do 90% of my work on a laptop in situ in various theatres and rehearsal rooms. Sometimes I’ve got space to setup my external hard drive and my other acoutrements, including iLok & HASP dongles – which are the bain of my life! Sometimes I don’t though and having just bought a big Waves bundle, if i start up Logic or Live, or FCP or anything else that uses AU or VST plug-in’s I’m now deluged with 30-odd dialog boxes for each plug-in complaining about the absence of my iLok key.

So I’ve written a little AppleScript to disable/enable those plug-in’s acording to whether I’ve got my iLok plugged in. Feel free to use it if you like.

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I’ve just bought a bunch of plug-ins (Waves Sound Design suite, Waves Vocal Rider, SPL Transient Designer and Relab LX480) from Tony Belmont at www.plugindisounts.com. I emailed him for a quote and was very surprised at how competitive his prices were (cheaper than buying them direct from Waves for example). I was a bit dubious at first by being asked to send him money by PayPal, but within 2 hours of sending him the money I’d received all the serial numbers and iLok licenses to all my plug-ins, and am now happily trying them out.


Relab LX480 Lite plugin

LX480 plugin – 63 seconds of reverb!

I just bought this plugin (from Tony Belmont at www.plugindiscounts.com):


It’s a very nice Lexicon reverb emulator and reasonably priced at that. It’s only available in the Lite version at the mment which has only the Randomn Hall algorhythm. But it sounds great.

The killer feature for me is that the reverb time goes up to 63 seconds! I use long reverbs a lot in my theatre work – usuaslly a 55 second reverb on a Lexicon PCM81 – for that arty lingering reverb atmos. And it’s great to to get a plugin that can do that without a massive CPU overhead. In the past I’ve used Logic’s great Space Designer convolution reverb with a 30second Lexicon Concert Hall impulse response I got off the web – sounds nice, but it’s mono and forms a big cpu overhead – so much so, that my laptop before last couldn’t even manage one instance of it.

It’s currently only available as a Native plugin, ie VST and AU – no RTAS etc. Fine for me as I use Logic rather than PT.