Best of 2010

My best buys of 2010:

Sound Devices 744T
ultimate compact location recorder. Next stop USB Pre2 to get those extra 2 mic inputs

Genelec 1092 sub
for £370 on eBay, an absolute bargain

Sound Cloud
just so useful for letting people audition or download sounds

Spotify Premium
I’ve saved so much money in unnecessary music purchases by being able to listen to a full track

lovely Mac show control software

Dirty Harry (Schtung Chinese New Year Remix) – D-Sides (Deluxe Edition) – Gorillaz
Dirty Harry with chinese instrumentation

King Britt Presents: Sister Gertrude Morgan – King Britt
great reinterpretations of southern USA religious chants – crying out to be in a show!

At Home – Bill Bryson
fascinating description of the history of everything you might find at home

LogMeIn Ignition iPhone app.
Very useful for remotely accessing computers – works surprisingly well from a phone

Touch Mouse iPhone app
Very useful for accessin
g computer when watching TV from across the other side of the room!

thetrainline iPhone appVery handy for checking train times

Hipstamatic iPhone app
Produces great retro-style photos:


Some links….

So to start things off, some sound related links:

Gareth Fry – my main website

Designing Sound – Film sound design blog

London Sound Survey -Sound around London

Music of Sound – Misc sound design blog

Sonic Terrain – field recording

Radiolab – brilliant (downloadable) radio program’s often looking at sound and music