Gareth Fry is a sound designer specialising in creative sound design for devised theatre, dance and site-specific events based in London, UK.  I work extensively with director Katie Mitchell and Complcite.

I am primarily a sound designer, whereby I work with a director to determine the best use of sound to tell a story, to create an atmosphere or whatever special requirements a production may have. That “best use” often involves a combination of sound and music to communicate both naturallistic and emotional information. I also work as a composer whereby the music I create is often intricately tied in with the sound, such that the sound effects are a part of the instrumentation of the music, or vice versa where the music is created out of the sound world of the piece. You can listen to examples of my work on my website. I tend to spend a lot of time in rehearsals and create most of the work in situ, responding to the performers and the space. I also work extensively on site-specific events creating work for spaces as diverse as the Hammersmith fly-over and the Tate Modern. I created the electroacoustic “tape” component for James Macmillans opera “Parthnogenesis”.

I trained initially in music studio recording techniques and have subsequently become experienced in many other different forms of sound engineering. I spent 2 years working for AMS Acoustics, writing software to model speech intelligibility in a space, as well as performing acoustic tests into loudspeaker performance & room acoustics. I also work as a sound engineer for corporate events and regular clients include Push UK and Somerset House Trust. I have spent 4 years enginerring the live sound component of BBC1’s New Years Eve broadcast. I also create work for Film, TV, Radio & Games. I also work as a photographer, specializiing in time-lapse photography.


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