An Association for Sound Designers

This email went out to over 100 sound designers working in theatre in the UK today…


Dear All,

Recently a few sound designers got together lamenting the fact that there was no industry body that represented what we as sound designers do. We thought it would be a great thing to set up an association along the lines of the Association for Lighting Designers.

We discussed some of the issues that face a lot of us: parity of pay with other designers, training in emerging technologies (for example transitioning to QLab, or using Ableton Live), raising the profile of our job in the eyes of the industry, amongst others. We looked at some of the things that the ALD does for its members, one of which was the Suggested Fees document. If you haven’t seen this, have a look here:…dFeesSept07.pdf

We thought we’d organise some get-togethers over the coming months where we can meet and chat about these and other issues. Along the way, we can create an Association that can represent and promote what we do, and be a resource that we can all draw on, letting us feel like we are not entirely on our own doing this job.

We are proposing two meetings:

1. Friday, February 18th, at 1pm

2. Friday, April 15th, at 1pm

We would like to invite anyone who makes a living, or a partial living from designing sound for theatre in the UK.

The first meeting will take place in the Ashcroft Room, front of house at the National Theatre, London and will be an opportunity for a lot of us to meet up, perhaps some for the first time. We will also talk about what we have done so far to establish an association. At the end of the meeting we will ask for people to go away and think about volunteering to be on the board.

The second meeting will continue on from the first, and as well as being a great opportunity to talk and set the agenda for what our association does, we will also elect a board and vote on a name for the association.

If you can’t attend just let us know that you are interested (via the link below) and we will send you some record of what happened, and in the case of the second meeting, an opportunity to take part in the voting process.

We envisage holding future meetings in a variety of locations across the UK, not just in London. Our thanks go to the National Theatre for providing us with the space and laying on some light refreshments for our meeting.

We have started compiling a list of sound designers: http://www.garethfry…ads/SDnames.pdf
Apologies if we have left anyone off who should be on this list – we are keen to include everyone working as a sound designer. If you know of someone who isn’t on this list, please let us know by sending an email to we will add them to our list and send them this email. If you want to be removed from the list please let us know too.

Click below to let us know if you can or can’t attend the first meeting or just to register your interest or lack thereof! If you want to share any other thoughts with us prior to the meeting you can reach us by emailling We will be in touch again just before the first meeting.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Arditti
Nela Brown
Steven Brown
Ian Dickinson
Carolyn Downing
Gregg Fisher
Gareth Fry
John Leonard
David McSeveney
Gareth Owen
Christopher Shutt


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