Student Protests, London, 10th December 2010

Today Parliament voted on whether to increase student tuition fees. Which also meant a lot of students descending on Westminster to protest this possibility, alas in vain it turned out. I’ve always struggled in the past with library SFX of riots and protests – they’re generally faked, often obviously so. Off i went with my SD744t to see if I could get something more useful.

It wasn’t the warmest days to be out trying to track dowm roving protestors, and of course the police were doing their best to prevent large groups from forming.

Police in Trafalgar Square preventing protestors from getting to Parliament Square

But I found un unblocked road down to Westminster, where the protestors had broken into Parliament Square. I got a nice walking recording of “protestors getting closer” and a bunch of static recordings of various protestors and chanting. I even managed to get a recording of crowd reaction to a mounted police charge at one point!

The police were using the recently adopted “kettling” technique, i.e. blocking all entrances and exits to Parliament Square and not letting anyone in or out. Fortunately a large Rycote covered mic and a pair of headphones seemed to convince them to let me through…

Protestors in Parliament Square

One thought on “Student Protests, London, 10th December 2010

  1. wicked samples mate!

    indeed, most library sfx for riots sound really fake. Good to know someone’s out there recording real material!

    greetings from mexico,


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